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SMOK Official Authorized X CUBE 2 Distributor Warm Tips

You know what? SMOK Official Authorized X Cube 2 Distributor has told us that the Smart BEC on your phone will be soon out of date , you need to do one thing to keep it fashion , that is you need to upgrate the app.

Smart BEC , the APP, both iOS and Android, version number will be 2.5.0 after migrating. We will no longer update or maintain the data for the version lower than 2.5.0. You can post your topic via the old version APP client, and the content will be just synchronized to the new platform, that means, you will not get any more response when do post via the old APP client. The old topic system will be shutdown after October 31. Please update APP to the latest version in time.

Remember To Upgrate Incase Of You Can't Enjoy Your Vaping !

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