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iStick TC 40W Simple Pack

Following the iStick 10 w, 20 w, 30 w, after 50 w, recently introduced a iStick Eleaf series, iStick TC 40W , TC on behalf of the temperature control, and this is the first iStick temperature regulating electronic cigarettes.
Appearance, iStick TC40 no matter on the style design or size, almost agree with istick 30 watts, unlike 30 watts Switch button from the square into a circle, though small, but the highest up to 40 watts, and battery capacity is 2600 mA, and since you joined the temperature control technology will be less electricity than ever before.
Through the TC - NI mode can adjust temperature (100-315 200-200) to get a different experience.

I bought one from http://www.istick.org/istick-tc40w.html ,I love it !

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