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Innokin Proton Mini Mod Deal

Know Innokin Proton Mini Mod from the basic data

Battery Type                    Internal battery
Battery Capacity            3400mAh/3.7V
Charging Current             2.0A
Minimum/Maximum Wattage 6-120W
Minimum/Maximum Voltage         7.5 Max
Max Output Currency                 35A
Cut off Time   3-18s
Thread Type    510
Display             1.45 inch TFT screen

Proton Mini Mod is an important part of Proton Mini Ajax Kit. 

It is a cute Mod, for the soft colors and comfortable hand-feel. What's more, Innokin Proton has 6 theme colors, and you can upload your own graphics or custom individual messages for your screensaver.

About the functions, it also comes with more advanced functions, including Temperature Control, Custom TCR, Wattage Curve, Bypass Mode, 3 coil memory slots and more. It's easy to operate via the joystick and intuitive and full-featured menu system. Besides, powered by Proton chip-set, it will heat coils nearly instantaneously. And it has a full range of proven integrated safety protections.

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