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Wotofo STNG MTL RDA Review

How much do you know about  STNG MTL RDA?

Measuring by 22mm diameter, STNG MTL RDA is a rebuildable atomizer.
The droplet air inlet resides on only one side of the top cap, which you can set your prefer airflow as freely as possible.

The air is pulled into the center of the deck bottom by accessing the single-sided air inlet and redirected into two air channels that are right underneath the coil spot, supplying double airflows right onto the coil. In this way, you can enjoy the excellent flavor.

The drip tips are narrow in shape and fit into your mouth perfectly when doing MTL inhales. Besides, it features air splitting system which can provide soft and optimal vaporization.


Build Deck Diameter 22mm
Coil Configuration Single Coil
Wattage Range 5-30W
Recommended Ohm Value 0.4-1.8ohm
Overall Height                      43.15mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
Threading 510 Thread
Body Material Stainless Steel
Juice Feeding Method         Drip / Squonk
Insulator Material German PEEK
Color Black, S.S., Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Rainbow

How to rebuild the deck?

1. Detach the top cap from the build deck and loosen the post screws.

2. Install the coil onto to deck and tighten the screws.

3. Cut the coil legs.

4. Fire the coil and use ceramic tweezers to gently squeeze it to ensure the coil heats up evenly.

5. Inset cotton through the coil, trim any excess evenly.

6. Tuck the cotton into the well.

7. Saturate the cotton and you are good to go!

If you are a DIY lover, this STNG RDA is a good choice for you! Any problems, just feel free to contact us, and thank you for reading.

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