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Vzone Graffiti Mod 220W Settings - How to Use

Vzone Graffiti Mod General Settings:

Menu Switching:

Press the fire button 3 times consecutively to enter the menu switching state whilst the device is on, then press the down button to switch between resistance settings, resistance lock/unlock, taste mode, output mode, memory mode and version information. Press the fire button to enter the sub-menu.

Resistance Settings:

When entering the resistance value sub-menu, you can fine-tune the resistance within a range of plus / minus 0.05

Resistance Lock/Unlock: 

When entering the “Ω” sub-menu, switch between “ Lock”/”Ω” to lock / unlock the coil resistance. (Note: Such operation should be carried out at eroom temperature.)

Taste Mode: 

When entering “NORM” sub-menu, the screen will display NORM/SOFT/HARD/USER.

User Mode: 

This feature allows you to fine-tune the power curve to your own custom setting before 10 seconds of output wattage. This can only be used in KA mode.


Each histogram represents 1 second. Press the up/down button to adjust the current wattage, then press the fire to move to the next histogram. Once screen will prompt Test, Reset or OK. You can test the setting first to make sure everything is ok, then selecting the OK option will return you to the home screen.

Output Mode:

When entering the output mode sub-menu, you can cycle through the supported material or enter your own TCR value on the TCR setting.

Temp Mode: 

Temperature control mode screen display information (resistance, output wattage, temperature, taste control, output mode, battery level, memory mode)

TCR Mode: 

With the new TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) function available on your device, you can now customize your temperature control coils (Ni200/SS316/Ti) on your own. Here’s the TCR value range as a reference:

Memory Mode:

When entering the M sub-menu, you can save the current setting parameters to memory mode. This incudes Wattage / TCR / Temperature / Output mode / Taste mode. You can set three groups of data.

Version Information:

When entering the battery icon sub-menu, the screen will show the hardware version, software version and product model.

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