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Aspire Archon 150W Mod Instruction - User Manual


● Wattage Range: 1-150W
● Output Voltage Range: 0.00-8.50V
● Resistance Parameters: In both Wattage Mode and TC Mode it can fire coil resistance from 0.05ohm to 3.5ohms (Wattage may be less than 150 watts when coil resistance exceeds 0.1-0.4ohm).
● The maximum wattage output under Bypass mode is 150W
● Continuous Fire Time can be adjusted from 5s to 15s
● Charging Port: Micro-USB charging port
● Screen: OLED 0.86 inch
● Firmware update via Micro-USB port
● Dimensions: 23.4*50*88mm
● Battery: 3.7V dual 18650 high rate discharge battery

Temperature Control

● Temperature Range (F): 200-600F ● Temperature Range (C): 100-315℃

Protection Features

● Automatic Cut Off
● Short Circuit Protection
● Low Resistance Protection
● Overheat Protection
● Over charge Protection
● Over Discharge Protection


● The mod will automatically turn on after installing battery, the screen will then display user’s previous settings, after 15 seconds of being idle the screen will turn off.

● Press the fire button 5 times within 2 seconds to either lock or unlock the device. while the mod was locked, press the fire button for 3 seconds will turn the system off. To turn the mod back on press the fire button 5 times rapidly.

● When the mod is on, press W button to switch mode between VW, VV, BYPASS and CFBP(C1, C2, C3). Press T button to select Ni200, Ti, SS316 or TCR (M1, M2, M3 manual modes).

● Press “+” to increase wattage, voltage or temperature “-” button to decrease. Press “+” or “-” button longer will change the number faster.

● When the mod is on press the fire button 3 times quickly to put the mod into or out of stealth mode, while in stealth mode the mod can still fire but the wattage or temperature settings cannot be adjusted.

● While the mod is in TC mode attaching a new atomizer the mod will read “New Atomizer? ” followed by “YES+/NO-“ Select “YES+” and the mod will read the original coil resistance. Select “NO-“ and the mod will keep its previous coil resistance settings.

● The Archon will detect and lock coil resistance automatically under TC mode. To ensure accuracy when first installing a new atomizer make sure the coil is at room temperature before attaching it to the mod

● To change temperature to Fahrenheit(F) or to Celsius(C), press the “+”or “-” button all the way to pass the temperature range, the temperature will switch over to either Celsius or Fahrenheit automatically.

● The preset continuous fire time is 10 seconds, after 10 seconds of continuous use, the mod will stop firing and the display will flash “10s”.  Users then can adjust the fire time from 5s to 15s by pressing "+"/"-" button.

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