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2018 Best Portable Vape Mod - Wismec CB-80 Mod

Wismec will always be the preferred brand for vaping enthusiasts. Wismec's products have the point to catch consumers and bring the products we want. Whether it is BF Mod or high-power mod, or RDA Atomizer, its products are deeply fascinating. So what about today's product?

What I want to share with you today is a new Vape mod from Wismec, CB-80 Mod. Wismec designed the device in a compact size that made it easy for us to carry around. If you see it at first glance, then you can recognize its Wismec design style. It doesn't have a gorgeous appearance but it looks like it's full of energy.

The large area of the fire button gives us more confidence in using it, whether it is left or right hand. With a clear display, we can see the output information and battery life of the device at a glance. At the top of it is the familiar 510 connector, which has a diameter of 22mm. We are free to choose the Atomizer.CB-80 Mod we want with a variety of TC Modes and VW Mode to match our various vaping needs.

In short, it has excellent performance, but also has a powerful appearance, a unique design style will be a good show of your attitude and taste. Most importantly, it is really portable. Do you like it?

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