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Car Driving Experience? | Sigelei TOP1 TC Vape MOD

Top 1 mod is the hottest vape mod. This is a big guy but it brings 230W output to everyone. On this device, we can use a minimum of 0.05 ohm wire, and a maximum of 3.0 ohm wire. Now, whether you are a vapor chaser or a taste chaser, Top 1 Mod can meet all your needs.

You need it 

Car Driving Experience? Sigelei TOP1 TC Vape MOD

Yes, we get more than just the top performance of Top 1, we are talking about its display. This 89mm height, 55.8mm width, 32mm depth product can accommodate two 18650 batteries.

The device features an innovative round display for a better viewing experience. Sigelei designed this user interface as a car tachometer. Now, as long as you adjust the power, the pointer on the display will follow the move. You will see that it can adjust the minimum output to be 10W and the maximum output is 230W. Yes, this is exactly a car driving mode.

car tachometer Sigelei TOP1 TC Vape MOD

If you are a vaper who likes cars, then you will fall in love with this product. Where can I buy the Sigelei TOP1 TC Vape MOD? Now Cloumix can help you. Now, Cloumix not only allows you to get a discounted price, but also offers free shipping. highly recommended.

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