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Veneno Kit, A Super Sports Car In the E-Cigarette Industry

Veneno Kit can be said to be a shining product. Whether it is front or back, all are LED lights.

This is a vape kit inspired by supercar

Yes, this is a Vape Kit inspired by a sports car, all of which can be seen in the elements of the Venenno supercar. Dynamic LED lighting design, every person who sees it will ignite the vaping passion.

How bright is it?

 It is equipped with a 1.3-inch display, allowing data to be displayed more intuitively. Whether you are a SMOK fan or a vaper who is not familiar with SMOK, it allows you to quickly eliminate strangeness.

The 225W output gives it higher output capabilities. The TFV8 Big Baby light edition coil is another protagonist of this device, which is another shining part.

So you can imagine that the lighting experience it brings will attract the attention of many people. Its performance I think we all know so I will not mention it.

You may have a lot of powerful vape Kits, but I believe no one can shine like it. If you are a vaper who often goes to nightclubs, don't miss it. It will make you the focus of everyone.

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