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vape cigar & electronic cigarette Eleaf Aster RT with Melo RT 22 Kit

  The ASTER RT with MELO RT 22 comes with an ASTER RT, a MELO RT 22 with ER 0.3ohm Head, an ER 0.3ohm Head, two seal rings, a USB cable. The size of the ASTER RT is 50.6mm*40.0mm*95.3mm and it is very comfortable to hold and carry. There are five colors in total: silver, white, black, grey, green.
Features a big screen that offers clear interface, you can view all the important massage even while vaping. And the ASTER RT has three different switchable interfaces: puff interface, second interface, and voltage interface, so that you can choose your favorite interface. Powered by a 4400mAh battery which continuous discharge current should be above 25A, the ASTER RT can fire up to a maximum power of 100 watts. With Dual Circuit Protection and 1A maximum Charging current, you can charge it full more quickly and safely. Features retractable top fill system, detachable structure for easy cleaning, preheat function, and a new ER 0.3ohm head, you will enjoy a pleasant and great vaping experience with enhanced taste. There are four switchable output modes: VW mode, Bypass mode, smart mode, and TC mode. The ASTER RT is worth to have one for beginners.

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