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Oranges Have Many Advantages.

Oranges are colorful, sweet and sour. It has a beautiful appearance, so it is a favorite fruit. However, can you lose weight by eating oranges? Yes, of course.

The principle of losing weight of orange
Oranges are rich in nutrients and are well known. Oranges are appetizing and eliminating fat. The natural sugars contained in oranges can substitute for meals to supplement and maintain blood sugar levels in the body. The smell of oranges is more conducive to relieving people's psychological pressure, and it is extremely important to relieve pressure and prevent overeating during weight loss.

Common problems of eating oranges
1.  How much oranges do you eat?
Oranges have many advantages, but eating more will do more harm than good. You'd better eat 1 to 3 every day.
2.  who is suitable for eating oranges?
The general population can eat.
Patients with chest distress, nausea, or drinking too much can eat.
You can't eat oranges in diabetics.

Breakfast: after getting up, drink a glass of warm water(add a little salt), and then eat one egg and a bowl of porridge;
Lunch: a bowl of vegetable soup, one fish, a bowl of rice;
Hungry in the afternoon, you can eat an oranges or a cup of fresh juice;
Dinner: a vegetable dish,a bowl of rice (vegetable dish one hours after eating an oranges).

The above method can be used for a long time, and the vegetables and fruit juice can be allowed to match your own preferences. Just remember to try to eat less or not to eat more oily food. Finally, if you're thinking about using weight-loss pills, you can try Pai You Guo. The weight loss drug also works well.

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