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Three weight loss recipes to help you effectively Detox

Now more and more people want to lose weight, but the correct steps to lose weight you know? In fact, the real weight loss, the first step is to carry out detoxification. The word we often contact poison, but in the end the body of these toxins is how to produce? And we can carry out detoxification by what method? Today Xiaobian take you understand.
One reason, produce toxins
1, the human intake of sugar, protein, fat excess, in the metabolic process of waste piled up the lactic acid, acid, uric acid, free radical, excess fat, cholesterol and so on; if the fat, cholesterol content is too high, not promptly removed from the body, easily deposited in the vessel wall, so that narrows blood vessels, causing diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
2, the body itself The new supersedes the old. products, such as liquid water old necrotic cells, mutations in cancer cells, blood cells, lymphocytes, clogging can not be exhausted in time.
3, a variety of endogenous and exogenous toxins will eventually converge to the intestinal tract, feces formed, if not promptly remove Supian intestinal these words, the in vivo absorption of toxins, cause two pollution, poison the body.
Two, detox diet
Lemon Detox Diet
Lemon is rich in vitamin C and a variety of acidic substances, after a reasonable allocation, or a very effective weight loss material, especially suitable for bowel diet, weight loss methods are as follows:
1, a liter of water with half a lemon juice, and placed in the refrigerator, the temperature low tend to have a cool and refreshing feeling.
2,The body itself The new supersedes the old. products, such as liquid water old necrotic cells, mutations in cancer cells, blood cells, lymphocytes, clogging can not be exhausted in time.
3, must be with a daily 15 minute exercise, do not have to continue, dispersing time may also contribute to sweat, the purpose is to rid the body of harmful substances.
Red medlar jujube congee
Red bean can pass through the small intestine and diuresis to swelling, it Tiaojing Tongru role, not adjusted for female menstruation, the milk of lactating women pass poor curative effect. In addition, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae has Huatanzhike, digestive function. Good for sushi stop product dyspepsia have therapeutic effect.
Material: red beans, brown rice, millet, 60g 150g 50g, red dates 8, medlar 1 spoon, water 1500 ml
Practices: red beans, brown rice washed soaked for 4 hours, 2 hours; the beans into the pot add water first to medium heat and cook for 30 minutes, then put all ingredients into a pot to boil to a simmer for 30 minutes.
Eat: breakfast or dinner, with the bland diet.
Red bean soup
Red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals, there is blood, diuresis, detumescence, promote the effectiveness of cardiac activation and so. Eat can prevent and treat feet, have a slimming effect. The basic ingredients can increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation and promote urination, eliminate edema heart or kidney disease caused by; wax gourd itself is also very good diuretic food.
Materials: wax gourd, beans, salt, 200g 400g
1, melon peeled, diced; red beans washed, soaked 6 hours standby.
2, pot into the amount of water to boil, add red beans cooked.
3, the wax gourd into the pot, cover the fire cook until melon become transparent, add salt.
Method: to eat dinner with food, light diet.
Three, other methods
Intestinal massage
1, stand up straight, two shoulders relax, scapula down, deep breath, right arm elbow, the right hand hand in the neck and head to the left, on the right side of the face slightly twisted, look, while the right hand pressing, slowly expiratory.
2, the upper body straight, two shoulders down, deep breathing, his right fist, the middle finger and index finger extended and bent, pulp on the depression left above the clavicle place, breathe out slowly, gently press force.
Alkaline bath detoxification method
Alkaline bath therapy can wash away the accumulated in the acidic waste subcutaneous tissue, so that the skin becomes more flexible, more compact.
This method is relatively simple, only need to add 150-200 grams of bubble bath water containing Chinese herbal medicine, herbal essence of fragrance bath salts, and bath 15-30 minutes. The effect is very good oh.

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