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Teach you six kinds of effective method reducing weight (it is suitable for MM oh)

Tried so many ways to lose weight, feel that there are several method is very effect (especially suitable for use MM oh), today specially out share oh!
One, honey vinegar to lose weight
Edible methods: change in diet condition, the proportion of honey vinegar 1:4 food, drink twenty minutes fasting every morning before breakfast, lunch and dinner immediately after drinking. White vinegar is natural brewed vinegar oh.
Principle reducing weight: amino acid in vinegar, can consume the body fat, and can make sugar, protein and other The new supersedes the old. smoothly. Honey is rich in glucose, protein, vitamins, organic acids, amino acids and nutrients such as pollen, the heat very low, not only help increase the liver detoxification capacity, but also the stomach, helping digestion equivalent Fruit.
Two, wine and cheese to lose weight
Edible methods: three meals a day to eat meals, thirty minutes before going to bed, eat 1, 2 lices of cheese or 50g cheese, drink a glass of red wine 50 – 100CC, to select the lipid, calcium content is high, sugar low/low carb cheese cheese.
Principle reducing weight: a fixed daily intake of calcium can effectively lose weight, cheese and milk composition is close, do not contain lactose and calcium easily absorbed by human body, short chain amino and protein generated through the fermentation of acid, can promote the metabolism rate. Red wine contains alcohol, can help sleep. Sleep time Xie slow, low body temperature, eat cheese and red wine, can produce heat, and accelerate the The new supersedes the old., sleep side edge can consume in vivo fat, to achieve weight loss. But before a meal can not eat starchy foods, or else they will have the opposite effect. Three, VC + fructose water
Edible methods: fructose 15g joined the 350ml warm water stir well and serve. Two times a day, or one hour after the meal eaten more than half an hour before meals, sip. VC chewable pharmacies sale, after lunch take a grain.
Principle reducing weight: VC can improve the metabolism of fat fat and lipid, blood vitamin C concentration for higher, usually lower body fat.
Four, lemon diet
Edible methods: edible olive oil 4 tablespoons lemon juice 2, 4 – 8 spoon, add garlic a little, stir evenly. Hollow in the morning and evening before going to bed drink.
Principle reducing weight: there are a lot of citric acid citric, can promote gastrointestinal motility, defecation. The body without the accumulation of toxins, will naturally slow down.
Five, gold enzyme powder
Edible methods: Gold enzyme powder 10g, morning fasting or postprandial 10g enzyme powder placed gold cup, pour about 120ml hot water directly to brew consumed after mixing.
Principle reducing weight: yeast can promote The new supersedes the old., the calorie burning more smoothly, to maintain the balance of intestinal beneficial bacteria, improve constipation. The enzyme can effectively reduce the appetite, and can prevent the body to absorb glucose, fat.
Six, vinegar bean diet
Edible methods: beans or black beans with low heat fry, add natural brewing vinegar soaked in the proportion of 2:1 sealed bottle, a week after eating, three times a day, every meal to eat a spoonful.
Principle reducing weight: vinegar in the amino acids and promoting ammonia acid, prevent lipid synthesis, promote its decomposition, in order to avoid the accumulation of fat in the body of the function. Soybean saponins which can promote fat metabolism, and contains a large number of food fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis.
If you think there's a better way to lose weight, the more effect it out to share!

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