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Regulating blood lipid

Simple dietary changes can reduce the cholesterol by 20%. Drinking water more and eating more fruits and vegetables can take in large amounts of soluble fiber. The American dietetic association reports that the more intake of dietary fiber, the lower the cholesterol level. Oats are the best for lowering serum and total cholesterol.
Fish is rich in good fats that protect the heart, so we should eat more. Stopeating margarine and hydrogenated vegetable oil. they will not only rise low density cholesterol, but also reduce high density cholesterol which is beneficial to human body.
Reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids. Eat no more than one egg a day. At the same time, avoid eating food containing oxidized cholesterol and trans fatty acids, such as baked food, potato chips, cookies, coffee mate and pastries etc. In addition, eating two medium-sized carrots every day for 21 days can at least reduce your cholesterol by 50%.
Nutrient supplement
Studies confirm that taking 1.5 grams of vitamin B3 per day can make high density cholesterol by 33%, but this does not apply to patients with liver disease or diabetes. High cholesterol patients need to take the pills under the guidance of a doctor. Gradually increase the dose, and after the regular vitamin B3 intake, check liver enzymes and cholesterol levels once every 3 ~ 6 months .
Phytosterols are natural lipid lowering medicine. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed food and soy products all contain sterols. Research shows that adding 1-2 grams of plant sterols in the normal diet every day can reduce LDL cholesterol. Increasing the intake of phytosterols can reduce 1/4-1/2 of the absorption of low density cholesterol.

Lifestyle changes
A healthy lifestyle can make your blood flows more smoothly and the heart beats more powerfully. Start an exercise program, even if it's just simple walking; Stop smoking; Drink less caffeine drinks and alcohol as they can increase triglycerides in the body. Most importantly, don't skip breakfast.

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