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Often do four movements, help to your physical and mental health

There is no absolute good or bad, so is the health. Seemingly is the destruction of some strange health problems, perhaps it can promote the health of the body on the other hand. The following, we will for you to check out a few not bad “blame”.
One: often stretching
As the saying goes “lazy stretch”, however, and be bold stretch, often stretched, and as a part of daily care. From a physiological point of view, each part of the action and stretch can be originally in the static muscle, joint, and mobilize visceral organ, increasing blood flow between the various parts, but also because of abdominal type stretching Breathing and chest breathing at the same time, so that the oxygen content in the blood is improved greatly, and can fully transfer and utilization in the body, is of great benefit to health.
Two: mouth to sing
You don’t know, often singing can make human body respiratory muscles are active exercise, its strength is not less than the swimming, boating and other aerobic exercise. In addition, the singing can also reduce your usual melancholy mood. In office time whenever and wherever possible to sing, let oneself happy, sad mood as expressed in peace and song State of mind at the same time, but also improve the immunity of the respiratory system, it can shoot two hawks with one arrow.
Three: sleep
Physiologists through long-term research found, naked sleep not only can make the body stretch comfort, but also to have good health benefits, such as a remain free free pleasure, help blood circulation, strengthen the skin glands and sweat gland secretion, excretion and help skin regeneration, regulate nerve, to enhance adaptation and immunity ability, also have To eliminate fatigue, relax the body.
Naked on the high efficacy of treatment of nervous diseases, especially the nervous tension system easy to be eliminated, so that the body organs and skin blood circulation becomes very smooth.
Four: automatic speaking
With the mouth to speak, especially repeat, helps to focus on things — such an approach is particularly useful for finding lost. The next time you forgot the keys where, murmuring, “key key key” can help you find it.Psychologists study German think, automatic speaking is the effective method to eliminate the tension, but also a simple self care mode. When you can’t get nervous mood be preoccupied by some troubles, if listen to their conversation, maybe you won’t get.Therefore, automatic speaking is not ridiculous thing, or a good thing, especially in a tense, tired, say what you want to say, it will feel relaxed and happy.

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