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Muscle exercise helps improve basic metabolism to burn calories

Muscle exercise helps improve metabolism, were more likely to consume calories. Research indicates that, an increase of 0.5 per kilogram of muscle everyday consumption 30-40 calories. In other words, an increase of 0.5 kg of muscle, the annual consumption of extra heat equivalent to 1.5 -2 kg fat calories, which helps maintain the body, improve the basic metabolism level of themselves, strengthen physique.
Exercise the muscles will help improve the basic metabolism
Life is more than a sport, not interest. With the improvement of people’s living standard, the popularization of health knowledge, people are paying more and more attention to physical exercise.
The body is able to exercise, is mainly dependent on our motor systems. Bone is a motion system skeleton, the muscle power device motion system. The contraction of a muscle, only joint motion, we human beings can be walking, eating, fine activity until the hand.
The structure and function of muscle
The muscles of the body according to the structure can be divided into different smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle. A hollow organ and vascular smooth muscle is mainly distributed in the visceral, vasomotor slow and protracted; myocardial as main part wall of the heart, for the heart pumps blood; skeletal muscle mainly exists in the trunk and limbs, quick and powerful contraction, but easy to fatigue. Cardiac and smooth muscle by splanchnic nerve regulation, not directly accept the will of the management, which belongs to the involuntary muscle; skeletal muscle by somatic innervation, directly under the will of the people, which belongs to the voluntary muscles, it is also known as the voluntary muscles, voluntary muscle contraction function. Under a microscope, skeletal and cardiac muscles have stripes, called striated muscle.
The people exercise and sports, mainly rely on skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle in the body is distributed widely, there are more than 600 pieces, accounting for about 40% of body weight. Each muscle has a certain shape, structure, location and auxiliary device, perform certain functions, is rich in blood vessels and lymphatic distribution, dominant and accept nerve.
Each skeletal muscle consists of muscle and tendon. Belly part is mainly composed of muscle fiber (i.e. muscle cells), the color red soft. Part of the tendon is mainly composed of parallel dense collagenous fiber bundles, color white, tough and no shrinkage ability, located at both ends of the muscle belly, anti stretch strength is about 112~233 times of muscle. Muscle with tendon attached to the bones. When the muscle is subject to sudden violence, usually not fracture tendon muscle belly may fracture, or belly of muscle and tendon junction or tendon attachment was opened. With the increase of age, the development of osteoporosis, strong muscle contraction can lead to fracture.
Increased muscle more calorie consumption
Strengthen the muscle strength and endurance exercise, can increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance, but for most people the key is that it has a role in promoting health. Enhance muscle strength and endurance are beneficial to the human life.
One of the benefits: research shows that, with the increase of age, the person’s basal metabolic rate, the energy consumption is reduced. Because the amount of muscle was decreased, the person’s basal metabolic rate decreased by 3% every ten years. No regular exercise, decreased by 0.25 kg per year increase of 0.25 kg of muscle, fat, fat accumulation lead to weight gain, brings a great burden to the blood flow to the heart. Some experts pointed out that, for each additional 0.5 kg per day 30-40 calories consumed muscle. In other words, an increase of 0.5 kg of muscle, the annual consumption of extra heat equivalent to 1.5 -2 kg fat calories, which helps maintain the body, improve the level of basic metabolism, enhance their physique, as in diabetic patients, exercise is a must.
Advantage two: muscle strength and endurance exercise not only can achieve the goal that reduces weight can make the skin to maintain flexibility, appropriate exercise can increase the stability of muscle, bone and joint, reduce the chance of pulling a muscle, tendon and ligament. At the same time, and is closely related to the function of the human body, such as exercise the back muscles can enhance respiratory function, back muscle exercise can maintain the stability of lumbar spine.
Benefits of three: when the muscle is long-term lack of exercise can lead to muscle atrophy, medicine called disuse muscle atrophy. If the patient is bedridden or plaster fixation may find this situation. Because muscle is not properly exercise, muscle fiber tapers, appearance of muscle volume, muscle weakness, if appropriate restore muscle exercise, can restore the original muscle level. If the muscle is long-term lack of exercise, muscle fibers will be thinner until it disappeared, and was replaced by fibrous tissue, it can not be restored to the original level in patients with muscle, will not be able to sit up or stand up.
Muscle exercise should not overdo sth.
Proper muscle exercise, can promote muscle The new supersedes the old. However, inappropriate or excessive exercise, often can cause chronic damage motion system, the most common is the occurrence of tenosynovitis. Tenosynovitis of chronic aseptic inflammation of tendon in tendon sheath mechanical friction caused by the change of. The clinical manifestations of local pain, tenderness and joint activity limitation, the most typical is the finger snapping, commonly known as the trigger finger, snapping finger. When a muscle is used for a long time, will appear muscle spasm and pain, this is a signal to the human body, to tell people the muscles to rest, so as to avoid heavier damage.
In short, prevent tenosynovitis is mainly restricted to injury, correct bad posture, maintaining joint not weight-bearing activities and timing of changes in posture. In addition, positive with physical therapy, massage, medicine for external use, can also play a role in improving local blood circulation, reduce tissue adhesion, soften scar formation, thereby improving the symptoms. If the condition is not improved, the need for timely to the hospital.

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