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Lose weight errors ignored

Eat spicy food can lose weight
Statistics found that Thailand India, a little fat people, so that their usual hot tropic related. Because of spicy food easy to sweat, and eat a little bit of it has been full of feeling, so there is the effectiveness of weight loss.
However, spicy food diet for a long time if it will affect the function of the stomach, stomach pain and even the risk of stomach bleeding. And eat too much spicy food will make the skin becomes rough, not by a more up acne, absolutely The loss outweighs the gain!
Every 30 minutes of jogging to lose weight
Every 30 minutes of jogging to lose weight. Jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise to lose weight, but has little effect. Practice has proved, only continued to campaign for more than about 40 minutes, the body fat can be mobilized together with the glycogen energy.
As the movement time, the amount of fat for up to 85% of the total consumption. Visible, short in about 40 minutes of exercise intensity regardless of size, the fat consumption is not obvious.
Drinking water can make the body fat, want to lose weight you can not drink
In fact, only drinking water shortage will cause the body to continue to store water as compensation, and make the body more easily accumulate in fat, resulting in obesity. Inadequate water may also cause the body The new supersedes the old. dysfunction, resulting in energy absorption, less release.
So for dieters, inadequate water can not achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also to health caused more serious damage.
Do 20 minutes of exercise, eat sweets or other delicacies consumed
If you consume in order to eat sweets, occasionally not extend the time for aerobic exercise to have what not good. But if a habit, only to lose everything and gain nothing. If you often to prolong exercise time as excessive diet excuse, you actually have to put oneself in the overtraining condition, then your body has no time from overtraining Fatigue, recover. When the body can not adapt to the training, to reduce fat is very difficult, because of excessive exercise can lead to excessive secretion of catabolic hormone, this hormone is attached to the muscles, the muscles can not synthesize.
So, often in a meal of excessive consumption of people, should be in the next time a slightly increase the intensity aerobic training, or reduce meal calorie intake.
Do not eat breakfast
Some people mistakenly think that skipping breakfast can reduce the intake of calories, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but do not eat breakfast very harmful to human health, harmful to health, but also affect the day’s work.
Fixed recipes
This is to reduce the intake of many things, but in the course of time will make the body lack of comprehensive nutritional ingredients, harmful.

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