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How to Wear: The Slouchy Pant

When pondering the latest trend in women's pants, you can think of the slouchy pant as the new-new fit. Similar to boyfriend styles, this hybrid between harem and "relaxed" is going to be everywhere this spring and summer. You'll be hard-pressed to find a retailer, from Shopbop to American Eagle, that isn't offering something for the slouchy-minded fashion lover. What's the appeal?
Not only do they offer comfort, but that ever-covetable wardrobe term: versatility. Available in soft and silky textiles, they can easily be styled for work, cocktails or a gallery opening. They lend a cool, slightly androgynous vibe to any look while still being more feminine than a pair of shapeless denim jeans you stole out of some guy's closet — or bought to look that way.

See what we mean with these four looks that'll give you inspiration when it comes time to don your own pair. Think about mixing high and low, metallics with classics and adding in a bit of structure to play off that drapey fit.

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