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How does Noisy Cricket Mod bring you a exciting feelings?

If you love vaping and chase for dangerous but exciting vaping feelings, then Noisy Cricket Mod is right for you. It build with no safety protection, and can produce large cloud.
1) Changeable Cells Structure: With changeable 18650 cells, it will be much safer and more convenient for users. Its power output depends on the battery level and coil resistance.
2) SMPL Style Button: The fire button is located in the top of the device, which makes the contact efficiency greatly improved. The insulation ring at the bottom of fire button is used for protection circuit.
3) Special Linkage Set: The linkage at the baseboard, along with the hybrid adaptor, works well with 510 connectors of different lengths, which greatly increases the suitability of the device.
4) Bottom Ventilation Holes: The 6 ventilation holes at the bottom of mod body greatly help the device for better heat dissipation.

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