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Drink milk “fatal errors more thick more nutrition”!

Milk is a food the most familiar in our lives, it is rich in nutrition, high calcium has been widely known. However, how to drink milk, drink much, what the best time to drink? Many people may not know. Milk is good, but drink not, may also harm the health and nutrition of waste. Today I would like to share with you the people I see to drink milk misconceptions.
Drink milk "fatal errors more thick more nutrition"!
Milk is thicker and more nutritious.
Many people believe that milk is thicker, the body get more nutrients, in fact this is not scientific.
The so-called "strong" milk, some because parents in powdered formula when put milk powder and less water, want to let the milk water rushed out of the small, high concentration of nutrients; others refers to some brands of milk taste "thick", this is in fact the merchants in the milk adding flavor, a thickening agent and stabilizer, make the milk taste is very fragrant.
Take the milk drink.
Many people have such a wrong impression, foreigners get milk when the water to drink, so the body is particularly good. In fact, milk is good stuff, but also to control the amount of. Although milk contains about 70% of water, but also can not substitute for water. Whole milk containing about 3% of animal fat, also known as the "bad fat, saturated fat," half of the acid and contains, it is regarded as the major components lead to arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, thrombotic stroke, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. Therefore, the milk can not drink too much, suggest that every adult over 3 to drink 200 – 300ml. If you want to add more milk products, you can drink a small cup of yogurt, but the daily intake of dairy products should not exceed 500ml.
Milk and egg is the best breakfast.
Many people think that, milk and egg nutritional value is very high, if you eat a breakfast this morning, sure full of vitality.
In fact the opposite is true. The protein content of the two higher, strong sense of satiety, after eating often can't eat something else. In this way, you will be sleepy straws. in the morning, because of the lack of in vivo study required people to work, glucose! Glucose can make people keep sober, encouraging the spirit of power source, starch class food and fruits can provide energy for the body. Therefore, milk and egg or separately is better to eat. Milk, bread and fruit and vegetable or egg,
porridge and vegetables, are good breakfast.
Fasting drink milk.
Many people have the habit of fasting drink milk, this is not good. On an empty stomach, gastric juice concentration is too high, the milk, the milk protein will be in the stomach to clot, affect protein digestion and absorption, can also cause stomach discomfort. So, preferably after a meal to drink milk, or eat some starchy food in the milk, to promote digestion and absorption of milk. Some people as "lactose intolerance," drink milk after abdominal distention, diarrhea, such people do not fasting drink milk, can drinkable yogurt or addition of low lactose milk lactase.
The milk before going to bed to help calcium.
Some people said, the milk before going to bed can compensate for the declining state of calcium at night, thereby protecting the bones, promote the absorption of calcium. The milk has calcium effects, because the milk protein and lactose containing facilitate calcium absorption. To dry fish, vegetables and so on, the highest rate of the body's absorption of calcium in milk, can reach 40%.But in the milk before going to bed, would increase the chance of the night on the toilet, also increase the gastrointestinal burden, but may not conducive to sleep. Diabetes is best not to in the milk before going to bed, because this will affect the blood glucose, blood lipid in different degree, weight will also be difficult to control.
Packing of milk boiling heating.
Frozen in the refrigerator, milk drink, not because of cold cause diarrhea, but also can sterilization. But in fact, the fresh milk must be boiled to disinfection and sterilization, but on the market sales of milk are pasteurized product, no need to re boil sterilization. Also, bring to the boil will destroy the milk in the vitamin and physical activity, nutrition
Discount the value.
Here I suggest you drink milk, the best temperature and the temperature on the same line, so that will not only stimulate the stomach, but also easy to absorb. Do not advocate drink cold milk, can cause stomach discomfort, can heat a little drink again. Microwave heating is more convenient, but should pay attention to not use plastic bags to use direct heating, heating glass container.
Add some sugar to promote digestion.
Milk with sugar, and digest the relationship is not big, mainly in order to improve the taste. If you feel milk too fishy, according to every 100 ml of milk 5 – 8 grams of sugar right amount sugar principle, also add chocolate powder, Coffee and honey flavor, but don't add too much, otherwise they will be excessive calorie intake. Don't take children to drink milk transfer too sweet, this will stimulate the child's taste, let him develop bad habits from childhood love sweets.
Milk can not mix juice.
Many people think, milk and orange juice, lemon juice mix, it will cause protein denaturation, drink law "kill people". Indeed, if in the milk blended juice this kind of high acid fruit juice, condensed protein can produce floc, protein degeneration, the degeneration of the body no harm, only a few people will cause gastrointestinal discomfort.But such blending out drink taste bad, but also very few people would like to drink. As long as there is a small amount of time interval, drink milk to drink fruit juice, or eating fruit, no problem for most people, but also make more balanced nutrition.
Do you know which drink milk is not good habit, some words to share out!

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