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The Wismec Prasa IS a Uniquely Shaped Mod

The Wismec Presa TC75W Battery Box Mod is a uniquely shaped mod that, for whatever reason, seems to have captured the imagination of tens of thousands of vapers all over the world. There is something about it's design, the slopping curve from top to bottom and the Firing Button being more of a Firing Panel, the Presa just "fits", you know?
This is the mod I have been using when I leave the house, from the first Presa to the new one, because with the fine tank like the Amor Plus tank I can slip it into my pocket and just go.

First, I've heard a couple of people say that WISMEC is including a Sony VTC4 in the box, preinstalled in the unit. The Presa TV75W's we received did not have a battery. So don't get your hopes up, I sincerely doubt it since the selling price is going to be under $45 already.

So yes, a big change for the Presa is the removable, replaceable 18650 batteries. The reason behind this move to replaceable batteries is something I'm not privy to, but if I had to guess I would say that the biggest reason is that the new 75W chip is the same chip from the Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini. Nearly all the specs and features of the eVic are now a part of the Presa. The battery compartment has a magnetic door that fits securely and I don't experience any battery or cover 'rattle' .  Simply pull off, insert the battery, and replace the cover. It will snap into place nicely.

Know more detail about this mod ,click on http://www.wismec.org/presa-tc75w.html

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