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Need Washing A Face With Cleanser In The Morning?

We once thought, when washing a face, do not need to use cleanser in the morning, because sleep at night when skin is neither contact dirty air, also did not make up or use sunscreen, so in the morning can wake up skin wash a face just need some water, completed the first step of skin care, but the fact is it true?

Need washing a face with cleanser in the morning?
We recommend here, no matter you are what type of skin, when washing a face in the morning is to use the cleanser.At night, even if the skin without exposure to dust and haze, skin also secrete oil, after a night, not only on the surface of the skin grease, even the night before use to protect skin to taste will be air oxidation, disguised as dirt, if it's not clean will affect skin cleanser normal metabolism.
What kind of skin cleaning products is more suitable for use in the morning?
Wash a face in the morning of the purpose is to wash the hydrogenated oils, wake up skin, so using product cleaning effect is strong, is given priority to with mild, therefore, neutral and weak acid cleanser can give priority to, such as mild without bubble cleansing foam cleanser or press type.

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