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You Can Nerver Take These Beautiful Photos Again !

"Because, during the golden age of uav aerial is coming to an end. In addition to be used for military reconnaissance, scientific exploration, the characteristics of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for its lightweight convenience also had become the new darling of photography. Photographers shot in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with the assistance of a more beautiful round of beautiful huan, beautiful photos taken. However, as local government control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) disabled, even the golden age of uav aerial may is coming to an end. # world is unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), and unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) is a photographer... # nearly two years, New Zealand photographer Amos Chapple has been with the uav to visit all over the world, taken the following works are his harvest. But he recently on its website (www.amoschapplephoto.com) also regret to say that these beautiful photos, probably couldn't make out in the future.

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